Saturday, January 3, 2009

What a Year! It's a long one

Jan: My first official calling as an adult! I'm a sunbeam teacher!

Feb: Rhonda came home from the hospital! In Dec. we weren't sure that would ever happen! :)
March: My little brother turned 16. He's dating and driving! He's a girl magnet! I love him!

We also find out my sister is pregnant!!!!! YAY!!!
April: My first time going to General Conference at the Conference center. Then on April 26th I become ENGAGED to my best friend!!!

June: I performed my first dance solo. I danced to the song " You Don't Have To Let Go" by Jessica Simpson and dedicated it to my parents! I also turned 19. Almost old enough to get married but not quite! Oh well!!!

August: I get married to the most amazing man!

And go on my honeymoon cruise to mexico. My life long dream has been fulfilled!

we could eat whatever we wanted!!! NUMMY!

Sept: I move into the most amazing condo and get the best job working for my Aunt Rhonda!! :D

Nov: Dallen accomplishes his eagle project! He did a variety show to raise money for the Mc Donald house!

Dec: I become an Aunt of the cutest boy EVER!!

Santa brought me an AMAZING wedding band. How did he know we were to poor to get one in August?! We also spent a week in Utah with Jarom's family!

I know I missed May, July, an Oct but every month can 't be perfect! I had to have some kind of trial! ;)

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Christina Marie said...

I love it! You had an awesome year! Love the pictures! And I love that you are all grown up now and happily married! Love you!

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