Saturday, June 27, 2009

Amazing Sale

FYI: I have 3 new posts including this one so check them out. They're short... I promise. ;)

Anyway Jarom and I went to Walmart tonight (the one in Santee) and it was soooo nice. I don't like the Santee Walmart. It's wayyyyyy to crowded and unorganized but they remodeled the whole thing. It's feels WAY bigger then it did before and it is soooooo much more open. It's a whole new store! The parking is still really crowded but... I guess every store can't be like Target. :) Haha anyway I think the reason it feels more open is because they're getting rid of some products. I walked by their shoes and they have almost nothing. Just some tennies and flops. But because they were getting rid of their shoes they had a few left on sale so I walked by to see if they had anything good. I looked at a box and thought I saw some for $2. I did and double take and guess what... they really were for $2. I couldn't believe it. I figured they wouldn't be that cute for $2 but I didn't think I'd be able to pass it up this sale no matter how ugly they were but I think they are SUPER cute! So then I thought well they're prob not in my size but THEY WERE! It was a sign! Haha. There were only 3 pairs of this shoe left and they had one 8 and two 81/2. They were normally $30 and I got them for $2. I still can't believe it. This night will go down in history!!! I also got this cute little candle. I'm really into orange for some reason right now and it was only .50! Huh it was a great night! Walmart you totally scored tonight and I'm definantly coming back! :D

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Rhonda Marie and Henry G said...

Wait a minute! You spent $2.50 and got a pair of CUTE shoes and a candle and I got candy and hot chocolate ( and a few other things) and spent $15.00!!! What's wrong with that picture! Thanks for the tip though. I had fun there:)

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