Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Phones

So recently Jarom and I got new phones. There were a couple reasons why we did this...

1) We're saving about $40 a month now (which makes both of us VERY happy)

2) Jarom wanted the iPhone and it is beautiful and has made me jealous. :)

We were with Verizon and paying about $115 a month for our cells phones which I think is completely ridiculous! And that was with his 15% off every month because he works for the school district. Anyway the point is I never ever use my phone. It's either sitting at home dead because I haven't charged it or sitting in my purse dead because I haven't charged it. Who wants to pay that much money a month to have a dead phone. Well a lot of what we payed was towards Jarom's blackberry but I still don't!

So this is how we got here. Jarom wanted the iphone and his phone is his splurge. We all have our splurge's and this is Jarom's. So I decided to get a trac phone.

I like it. It's not to fancy or high tech but it gets the job done. It's about $10 a month for 80 min and they're roll over min so if I'm really careful the first few months I should be good to use it as I please. :) I can still text but every 3 texts takes 1 min. Anyway I never talk to anyone on my cell phone so it's basically for emergencies. I'm just glad to be saving the $money$


Shawn and Tori said...

You are so thrift! I admire that! I bought Shawn his iPhone a year and a half ago and was jealous forever! So this year he got me mine as an early birthday gift- I LOVE IT!! I forgot it the other day at work and I thought I was going to hyperventilate :o) You are such a good wife- sacrificing for your hubby!

Marisa said...

I want an iPhone but decided to get a TracFone instead to save money. What type of phone did you get?

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