Friday, January 7, 2011

A great year behind us, a better one in front.

Well I haven't posted in a while. I have a Christmas gift blog coming up but not for about a week. So just thought I'd post some highlights of 2010. Most of them are from the end of the year since that is the freshest in my mind. :]

~ Jarom didn't get hired into CES. That was actually a huge blessing for us. Jarom has had a wonderful year learning new things with his class of 22 mostly talking girls and a few stubborn boys. He has learned a lot. :] We have also grown a lot together as a couple which we needed before he was hired. But hopefully as the new hiring year approaches it will happen this year. Hopefully that will be a highlight for 2011. :]

~Went to Vegas for my birthday and then up to Utah for almost 2 weeks to see Jaroms family. While we were there we had the amazing experience of hiking the Narrows (thanks to Jaroms generous family). I recommend it to anyone!!

~ Colleen and Kirstin (Sisters- in- law) had babies. Colleen's 5th (Chloe) and Kirstin's 2nd (Lincoln).

~ My health is the best it's ever been. Because of this we found out we can finally start trying to have kids!! At the beginning of 2010 I wanted to be pregnant by June. :/ Well it's Jan of 2011 and I'm still not but hopefully it will happen soon. We also found out our insurance is changing again and we can go back to UCSD!!! :] This is the best news!! We were with Sharp but they didn't have a C.F center and it just wasn't the same.

~ We remodeled the living room (my Christmas gift). I don't have pics yet since it's not totally completed but they'll be up soon. :] We put in wood floors and I painted an accent wall. We're also getting a new couch. We love it! Just need to put in some baseboards.

~ Dallen opened his mission call Christmas Night and we find out he's going to Cuernavaca Mexico!! I was crying like a baby. I can't believe my baby brother is 19 and going on a mission. I'm so proud of him. So many boys don't make it and this is something he has wanted since he was a little boy. He's done everything he could to make sure that goal was at the top of his list. Love him so much!!

~For Christmas we also for a digital piano from my mom so I can expand my talent of piano playing. We also got a 2 day trip to DISNEYLAND. Which we're going on in 3 days!!! SO stoked! Pics of this along with the living room will be posted in my Christmas gift post. :] I haven't been in 3 years.

I loved this last year. Every year is such a blessing!! I can't wait to see what happens is 2011!!!

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