Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Anniversary Number 3

Well like I said earlier we were at my family's house for our anniversary. In the morning we just laid in bed and read (really that's it :]). Then my parents bought and made us an anniversary breakfast.

My mom was writing Dallen that morning and wanted to take pics of everything to email to him. Hence the picture of us reading. :]

And this random one of all of us. Don't we look great?! :]

Our delicious breakfast!

For my present Jarom got me a new camera!!! :] I love it and these are some of my favorites so far. I know I'll look back and think "Wow I thought that was a good picture" (well hopefully I will :]) but I still love them. :]

This was my anniversary gift to Jarom. Along with the third and some ties that he's really been wanting! We're reading it together.

I love his face! He's my CHUNKY!!

Intensely leading the music.

My parents. <3

Random but it's of my red shoes that I LOVE! And I do liked how it turned out with my church dress.

Living Room Wall

I love you Jarom. It's a privilege being married to you. Thanks for all the good times. You make everything hard worth it. :]

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