Monday, March 5, 2012

I grew something!

So 2 months ago I was really wanting to have a garden. I just want to plant something and watch it grow. Flowers, veggies, fruits, I want to do it all. Well I can't really do that being in an apartment but back in Jan. I found this plant at Target on sale for $3 that you grow inside your house. It came with the plant container, dirt/mulch, and flower bulb. It started growing after a couple weeks and I was so excited. :] I'm not sure why it's so exciting to watch something grow but it is.

Jan 24th (about 2 weeks after I planted it)

Jan 31

Feb. 2nd

Feb 6th

Feb 9th

Feb 10th

Feb 10th

Feb 11th

Feb. 17th

Feb. 20th A flower is open

Feb 25th

Feb 25th

All 4 flowers didn't bloom until the 27th but that's what it looked like. I guess I'm so fascinated because I don't understand how a seed can turn into that. ^^ It really is amazing when you think about it. I ended up throwing it away because we're getting ready to move. Oh yeah... I guess I haven't done a blog about us moving but we are. I guess that's my next post. :]

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