Sunday, October 21, 2012

One Week Old

Kind of weird that I was 36 weeks in my last post and now I'm writing with a 1 week old baby boy laying next to me. :] I still have to post the birth story. I'm almost done writing it but I was afraid I was going to start forgetting things from the first week not to mention I only have about a gazzilion pictures to post. :]

Levi at one week old:
You sleep all the time and I am not complaining. I love cuddling with you while you sleep on me. The only time you really open your eyes is when I'm burping you during a feeding session. Other then that you really only wake up to eat and I know when you're done eating because you fall into the milk coma.

You're feeding every 3-4 hours and you are awesome at it! You've pretty much been a pro latcher ever since 4 days old. The only funny thing about you eating is you have to be clean. You will not latch/eat if you need to be burped or if your diaper is dirty (sometimes we have to stop eating sessions 5-6 times to burp and change you!) I have literally sat on our recliner trying to feed you for 10 min before I finally realized you're not finishing because you have a dirty diaper. Needless to say we go through a lot of diapers. I have to change you 2-4 times per feeding but the nice part is I don't have to change you in-between feedings so I guess it evens out.

When you've been eating and you sneeze milk comes out of your nose. It looks so uncomfortable but you don't seem to care.

You love holding my finger while you're eating. I'm not sure why and it seems to be the only time that you really like to but it's so cute.

You must have your hands out of the blanket (no swaddling for you.) Although this is nothing new to me. Countless ultra sound photos have you with your hand over your face so it's only natural that you'd want to be the same after.

You seem to like the car seat. Well I guess I should say you don't mind it. I don't think I've ever seen a baby that looks like he should be so uncomfortable and yet be so content. You don't cry when we put you in and you sleep the entire time you're in there.

You don't mind getting your hair washed either. We have yet to give you a bath since you're umbilical cord hasn't fallen out yet but it will soon. I love washing your hair because it smells so good and you have so much I can part it when I'm done. Daddy calls it your Elder Bednar hair.

You have goopy eyes. :[ It makes me so sad but I clean/massage them multiple times a day and that helps a lot. I just hate it when you're trying to open your eyes and you can't or when you do open your eyes and it gets in there. You don't really like it when I do this and you need to eat but I can clean and massage them as much as I want right after you eat and you couldn't care less. 

We have found one dimple on the left side of your cheek! I'm so happy. I wanted you to have your dads dimples so badly. You can't see it all the time but it's there. I hope it stays because it is adorable.

Weight wise you fit into newborn outfits but you have the longest legs (I wonder where you got those from.) When you stretch out you still have a bend in your knees when you're in a sleeper. I also love the extra skin on you legs (and arms and back and pretty much everywhere!) I know you'll be cute when you start filling out but it will make me sad too.

You also started holding your head up at 2 days old. It's just for a little bit. You kind of lift your head to see what's going on around you and then it just plops back down on my chest as you're just to tired to hold it up anymore.

We don't really have nick names for you yet. Usually we just call you baby boy and handsome but the one I use the most is trooper. You are such a trooper. Everything you've gone through since you've been here, you've taken in stride. They had to check your blood sugars 9 times when you were born and you rarely cried and if you did it was just a little whining. Not to mention everything I just talked about in this post. You pretty much only cry when you need to eat and you do love looking around while I'm feeding you.

You are my little trooper!


Cavandrea Rogers said...

Thanks for sharing that Taylor! He is so precious. I can't wait to meet him. That picture of Jarom and Levi at the end is the best...Jarom's smile, Levi's little arms and sweet face...I love it!! Love you guys!!

Christina Marie said...

Love it!!! Can't wait to meet him in person! :)

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