Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The life I've always dreamed of.

I noticed in the past few years that pregnant women complain a lot on facebook. I understood the fact that pregnancy was not fun (for most women) but it was also hard for me. I wanted to have a baby so badly and it was hard to see women posting status updates of how miserable they were when all I wanted was to be in their postion. I felt like they were so lucky.

Now I am pregnant (with 4 weeks left) and I've come to realize how easy it is to get sucked into complaining when you feel miserable 24/7. I mean there's a cute little parasite in your body sucking the life out of you. No matter how cute they may be it doesn't feel good.  I try to make my status updates funny but let's admit it, I'm just complaining through some jokes. I've become the person I never wanted to be because I know there must be a woman out there reading my status updates who felt like I did.

I do feel so lucky to have this opportunity to experience pregnancy and be a mom. Some days I'm so terrified thinking about the fact that there is a human that is about to be dependent on me to keep them alive physically and spiritually (man...  no pressure :/) but this is what I've wanted my entire life. Ever since I was a little girl people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up and mom was always the number one answer.

There really must be something so magical about being a parent because what other profession would people want that gets no pay, no vacation/sick days, sleepless nights, training 24/7, your flaws are constantly thrown in your face as your child starts mimicking your worst habits, it takes 10x longer to do anything or go anywhere (even the simplest tasks are simple no more). Most days you're dealing with whiny, obstinate, trying-to-push-the-limits-to-see-what-they-can-get-away-with-attitudes while you try to discipline and stay as patent as possible yet show how much you love them. After all this (plus much more) women keep having kids. Logically it doesn't make sense. Although I haven't dealt with any of this as a mom I do have two nephews and I feel the magic of being a parent through them. Even with all the bad things I just mentioned nothing can be better then the love, cuteness, and adoration that you feel for these hard headed little people. :] They do one cute thing and tell you they love you and it's better then the pay that you would be making from a career and I can't wait for my turn!

So even though this pregnancy has been tough and it's been easy to complain I'm so happy. Life is wonderful. I mean really how can I complain when I'm living the life I've always dreamed of? I'm so grateful for everything I've been given and I can't wait to meet this life sucking parasite :] because I know, like every other women, that once he's here I'll look into his beautiful little face, then look at my amazing husband, realize that we just created and had a baby that's ours forever, and forget all the bad/hard things I went through and would immediately do it all over again (and probably will.) <3 p="p">

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Michelle said...

For someone who hasn't had children yet, you sure describe motherhood perfectly!! It seems like you know exactly what to expect & I am so happy for you and Jarom. Lucky baby to have you for parents.

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