Monday, June 9, 2014

Moving Day

Moving has been crazy. We are all beyond exhausted and ready to be done. Although I love change and am excited for the move there's a lot we're leaving behind that I will miss. Because we were moving back to San Diego we went down 5 days early to get our condo ready then drove back up to move all the stuff. Those 5 days being "homeless" was hard on all of us but especially Levi. His entire schedule was thrown off and he wasn't sleeping well. Remind me to only move one other time in my life and that is when I move out of California and build our dream home. *Sigh* someday! That would be worth all the mess in moving!

 Here are some pics of the transition...

The day before we moved all our stuff we got new carpet. It felt wonderful! Levi was rolling all over it and laughing. Then I made him take a picture with me and he started getting angry. Oh the life of a toddler.

Driving up to Rancho to meet the movers and get our stuff.

Ready to go.

This picture was taken after we had "moved in" (getting everything put away). He was always so tired trying to lay down on anything he could. Poor baby.

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