Saturday, January 31, 2009

My poor hubby!

Well other then that fun stuff Jarom has been really sick lately. :( It all started out when we went to this little mexican place Mon night. Right after he ate his food his stomach wasn't settling at all. He was up all night with cramps and chills. Then the next day he had to go to work at least for the morning and still had chills. He came home an hour early and had a horrible fever.

We didn't have a thermometer but when I felt him he was burning! I knew he was over 102 for sure but I wasn't sure how high until Wed when we checked and he was 104 and felt cooler then he had the Tues.!! Well Tues night he had a horrible fever, chills, aches, pains, and was throwing up from 8pm-1am. On wed night we took him to urgent care and his throat looked really red so they checked for strep and it came back POSITIVE. Since Christmas he has had a soar throat and coughing on and off but nothing that big. Anyway we for sure thought it was food poisoning. You may be thinking no way... food poisoning never gets that bad but I beg to differ. When I took my nutrition class last year we spent a lot of time on food poisoning and those are all symptoms of really bad food poisoning. But just to make sure my mind wasn't playing ticks on me I look up food poisoning again before we went to the doc and it showed s lot of htose signs. So when it came back positive with strep I was confused. His throat hadn't even been hurting that badly. So I asked the doctor if there was any chance of his symptoms being food poisoning and he said no. So weird!! But, the doctor sent us home with some meds and everything was fine!

Until... I was talking to a nurse/close friend of mine who has studied up a lot on pneumonia. She started talking to me about the symptoms of it and Jarom had them all. Like the color and texture of his vomit, the pains in the lower back, the really cold feet and hands with the high fever, etc. Not to mentioned he has had pneumonia in the past. Well his cough isn't going away so we might go see the doctor again soon. Needless to say we are kicking ourselves for not having the doctor listen to his chest or take an x-ray!P.S Sorry if the pictures bug you!! I LOVE random pics in a blog! I think they make it more interesting!!

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Shawn and Tori said...

Tay, I am so excited I found your blog! You guys are so cute and I feel so bad for your hubby! I hope he is getting better and that you take good care of him. I hope you keep posting- I love blogs since I am not there anymore, helps me keep somewhat in contact :o) Keep posting, I love seeing what is going on in your newlywed life!

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