Saturday, April 25, 2009

Break part 2

There was just one little thing I forgot to mention. While we were in Utah Jarom and I went to church with his family. Philip and Kirstin are the nursery leaders but Kirstin was sick :( so Jarom and I went and helped Philip out with the kids. It was so much fun! They were adorable. Anyway they were enamored with Jarom so I had to take this pic! He was helping them take turns with that toy.

Ha I love the little girl on his lap. I wasn't going to tell them I was taking a picture but she saw me and gave me the biggest smile. What a model! :) I also like the little boy leaning up against his knee! I can understand why they wanted to be with him the whole time. I do to! He's a sweetie! :)


Jessica and Sean said...

Hey! How are you guys doing? I am in nursery right now and I love it. The little kids are so sweet. It looks like Jarome hit it off with just a few! haha Too cute!

Jessica and Sean said...

p.s. I love that we have the same layout on our blogs!

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