Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our newest and toughest adventure, Kronk

So I noticed I haven't posted one single blog about our puppy Kronk yet. Well we gave him a bath the other night (not his first) and I decided to whip out the camera. Just a little back ground to why we gave him a bath.

This is him normally! All fluffy like. :)

When we are gone we leave him in the bathroom so he can still wander around without going potty all over our house. Well he obviously doesn't like being trapped and bored because he plans ways to get past the gate and out of the bathroom. Well his plans are working because we come home to find him meeting us at the front door and little gold mines all over our home. So Jarom and I have taken this challenge and are trying to find an even greater and more difficult way to keep him in the bathroom. Well the other night we had wedged two gates in the bathroom so he couldn't get out. One was in the door frame and the other was wedged between the door and the sink. There was about a 6 inch gap between them. How he did this, I don't know but he somehow managed to get himself past the first gate and got stuck between the two gates. Well while he was there he also decided he had to go to the bathroom and there was poop on our bathroom floor, the gate, and him. It was amazing. :/ So he got a bath. Nice story ehhhhhh?!

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