Monday, May 4, 2009

Jaroms Birthday

So Friday, May 1st was Jarom's 28th birthday! :)

He had to go to work so I asked Rhonda if I could come in to work a little bit late and go have lunch with him. That was really nice. Then that night I told him we were going to my parents house to watch a movie and then we could go out to eat. Of course he started asking questions...

like "Well why can't we go out to eat first?" So I told him that Dallen had a Priest/Laural night and that he wanted to watch the movie. I felt kinda bad lying to him but I knew the finished product would be worth it. Well, he didn't like what I had told him because he said "well who's birthday is this... mine or Dallen's?" (In a joking tone)! Haha I don't blame him. If he told me we were gonna go watch a movie with his family and we had to go now because his brother wanted to watch it I'd be thinking the exact same thing!! But I pulled it off (with enough lies, :/ the help of his limited question asking, and his completely sweet mind set of not caring what we did as long as we were together :) . We got to my parents house and I whipped out his tickets to see the new X-Men movie.

He and Will left for the theater where a group of his friends were meeting him there. He said they were the first in line for the 9:05 showing and got awesome seats! :) I was very happy! Then the next day I was going to surprise him by making him breakfast, taking him to sea world, and then go to a family BBQ my family was throwing for him. Well we didn't go to Sea World because he had WAY to much homework.

I was disappointed but I was more proud of him for buckling down and getting it done. I love my hubby! We did go to the fam BBQ and I surprised him by getting Phil's BBQ take out.


I love you handsome! You're the best husband and friend EVER! Happy Birthday!

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Shawn and Tori said...

You are such a sweet and thoughtful wife! You did awesome!!

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