Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Brithday Trip To Laughlin

A Warning: This will be long and boring at parts as this is a journal entry for me so there are a lot of pics and information.

All right ready:

We ll first off the battery in my camera was dead for the first 2 days, :( so there's not to many pics of them and if there are it's because I took them later.

June 8th, 2009

On our way we saw all this smoke on the freeway.

We wondered what was going on and was trying to get past it before the police and fire trucks came and blocked off the road but, to many people were interested and we were trapped for about 40 min. It ended up being a motor home that had caught on fire but nobody was hurt.

Well we stayed at the Avi and ended up getting there around 9pm-ish. It was about 15 min outside of Laughlin.

Front of main entrance.

It's in the middle of the desert and at first I was kind of disappointed when I saw it because I thought we were going to be on the strip (which is right by an outlet center :) and then we could take walks and go lots of places. But I loved being there. They had an AWESOME pool, beach (which turned out to be way nicer then I thought), movie theater, food court (with a Panda Express), buffet (which was ok) and great big rooms.

We settled into our room, #6224 and my parents were right next to us in #6222 which was really nice.

Then we rushed down to the food court for Subway and Panda. We ate our food and called it a night.

Some views from our room!

Colorado River

Pool area during the day and at night!

June 9th, 2009

The next day we had breakfast at the buffet, which for the price I thought was pretty good. It was so fun, we just sat and talked for a couple hours. And we played Keno, which is almost like Bingo except you pick your numbers before they start drawing and you want them to draw the numbers you already picked.

Jarom's numbers were all jersey numbers for sports players. :)

They have cards and crayons at every table and then T.Vs that show what the random drawings are. Ha that was fun but I realized I really can't gamble because I would totally get sucked in. :)

Anyway for the rest of the day we were just lazy. We sat around, napped, and went to the pool. Later that night we decided to head over to the Aquarius in Laughlin for Outback. After dinner we went for a walk on the river walk.

Day time pic. of river walk across the river.

It's right on the Colorado river (obviously) and passes all the main hotels in Laughlin. There was also lots of wild life. Ducks, tons of fish,

a few cats, and a skunk who was obviously ok with being around people because he'd get right up close to us. That freaked me out a little bit... I didn't get to close. Then on the way home we saw 2 bunnies (my mom ran over one *tear*), a mouse, and my dad saw a rattlesnake.

June 10th, 2009

My birthday. I turned 20 years old. :) I woke up to a birthday card from my mom! :) Then we had another buffet in the hotel and left for the outlet center in Laughlin :)

First we went to Dress Barn.

I love that place. The prices are about the same as a JC Penny but over 50% of there outfits are totally modest. It's called Dress Barn but they have everything. They also have really good sales. I got two dresses and they were both half off! :D SWEET! I also got some cute earrings for $7. If you spent more then a certain amount you got a free pair of sun glasses and my mom doubled that (she got some really cute stuff) so we both got free sun glasses! Thanks mom! :)

We also stopped at Bath and Body Works but... I didn't get anything!

Then we walked around a little bit.

On the escalator!

I was going to get a pedicure but it was $20 and I didn't want to spend that much when I could get one for $8 or $11 ( I can't remember how the the pedicure is and manicure) right here in Santee at City Nails. I always love the way my nails turn out too! So we went back to the hotel and sat out by the pool.

After that we went and saw UP.

Yeah this is the best pic of all of us even though it's not really good of any of us.

It was really cute but not my favorite Pixar. Then we got Subway and Panda again and called it a night.

June 11, 2009

We drove into Laughlin and had the buffet at Harrahs.

On on our way!

Ha I went to take a pic but told them I wouldn't be able to see there faces because of the shadow so they were trying to lean back into the sun!

This was by far the best buffet we had.

They didn't know I was taking a pic!

They had the best variety and great cooks.

This is how we felt after the buffet,

and Jarom tried to sneak in some Gambling! ;)

After that we went back to the hotel,

napped for a little bit and then sat out by the pool for the rest of the day.

We sat right here and played cribbage. It was so nice to let our feet dangle in the water while we played. My dad and I were on a team and my mom and Jarom. My dad and I won. I got the highest hand you could get once (24 points) and almost got it again but ended up with only 20 or 18 points instead. It was sweet and my mom and Jarom were awesome sports! :) Then for our last night we did the buffet in th hotel again. It wasn't very good though. We should've just stuck to our breakfast buffet and our dinner at the food court. :)

June 12th, 2009

We woke up, packed, and headed back for Laughlin where we were gonna have our last buffet at the Riverside.

We could have driven into Laughlin but if you come in from Bullhead, AZ (right across the river) you can take a boat across and it drops you off right at the Riverside. It was free and took about 2 min so we went for the adventure. :)

Waiting for the boat

On our way to the Riverside

The buffet there was really good and we got seats looking right over the river.

Then we got back in the car, drove past Davis Dam,and went home.

Our one other little adventure was on the last day when we were leaving. We found a pet in the bathroom!

It's a cricket and it was really gross but that wouldn't stop me from staying there again! I love the hotel and for $20 a night, it was amazing!!!! It was a great trip. Thank you so much mom and dad for giving me this birthday present, it was awesome!! Love you!


Rahn said...

this is ammon: where is kronk during all this fun

Shawn and Tori said...

That looks so awesome Tay!! I am glad you had a great birthday!!

Mandy said...

Wow it looks like you had a blast!!! I am glad that you had fun.

Established 08/08/08 said...

Ammon: Dallen stayed with Kronk at our house! :)

Shawn, Tori, and Mandy...Thanks guys!!

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