Monday, August 31, 2009

New Semester, New Schedule, New Adventure!

Well this isn't so much a fun blog but more of an update for anyone who cares. It's pretty long and is just talking about our schedules for this semester. I'm actually mainly writing it for me. It helps me to remember all that is going on! :)

Jarom and I are getting back in the swing of things! Mainly school!

Let's start with Jarom:
Jarom is starting seminary next Teus. (Sept. 8th) and I'm not very excited about this for me but I am for him! He really loves to teach and this is helping him reach his dream job (which I'm in total support of... I just don't like all the work it entails to get there) so I'm trying to be the supportive wife that he needs. He's still working at El Cajon Valley HS as a campus supervisor and next Jan will start his student teaching. Wont that be fun to teach seminary and school?! :/ He's also working on his Master/Credential program which takes all of his time. Basically I wont see him until next summer. Well I may get a small chance over Christmas break. This is what I see his day looking like:

Set alarm for 4:30 (really get up at 5)
6-7 teach seminary
7-9 come home and eat, read scriptures, study for school
9-5:30 work
5:30-8 do school and prepare lesson for tomorrow (maybe eat some dinner)
anytime after 8 crash on the bed because he's been up since 5 and is to tired to do anything

So you maybe thinking... hmmm there does seem to be some free hours. Like does it really take from 7-9am to get ready or will he really go to sleep at 8? But, I have lived with him while he has taught seminary before and he's always working or studying and goes to sleep pretty early!

So because he is so busy I thought... "Tayler you will go insane if all you do is sit around and watch him because you have nothing to do" so I have made myself quite busy also! Jarom basically has the same schedule every day but my days are totally different!

I have school on M from 2-6:30 and W from 2-9:30. I'm taking English, Spanish and Communications. After the first week they all seem pretty great.

I work T from 10-2:30 W from 10-2 and F from 10-3

I have dance TH from 5-8:30 (I learn dance but I also help teach tap, jazz, lyrical, and theater production)

The 2nd and 4th T I work at the temple as a receptionist from 5-10. I wanted to be an ordinance worker but I didn't want to over do it by going every week so I'm starting slow.

I'm the Beehive Advisor so I have weekly lessons to prepare.

And I also have this little thing called Cystic Fibrosis. I'm a little nervous that I'm overdoing myself and that I wont have time for treatments but if I stay on the strict schedule I've given myself I should be ok.

I'm really excited about this semester. We're both going to be busy and we wont see each other very often but I'm really excited about everything Jarom and I are doing. Except for seminary. :)

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Christina Marie said...

Wow! I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous that you guys are going to school and working. I'm going to miss all of that! But it will be a nice break, so when I come home in 18 months I can crack the whip and get done! I love you both tons!

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