Monday, September 14, 2009

Favorite Time of the Year

Wow I know I'm jumping ahead of myself because it's not Oct. quite yet but from Oct-Dec is my favorite time of the year and it's my least favorite time of the year to live in San Diego!! I want to live somewhere where I get all 4 seasons. In S.D we get 2 seasons. Summer and Spring. I don't even think you can count Fall because there is nothing fall-ish about S.D. The leaves don't change color and it doesn't get cold enough to feel like "Winter" is coming. We just kind of go from Summer to Spring. And I REALLY want to live somwhere where it SNOWS!! I know, I know every time I say that someone always tells me how awful it is to live in the snow and how lucky I am well... right back at ya. :) If I lived in the snow I'm not saying there would be days when I really wish I was back in S.D so I didn't have to go out in the the slushy cold weather but overall... I REALLY want to live in the snow. The other day Rhonda and I were doing a puzzle and it was the cutest pic of this family who lived in the snow.

See isn't that adorable!

I also love this pic!

Anyway while I was doing the puzzle I was CRAVING having a white winter! And I'm happy to say that Jarom wants it to, so it's definitely, most likely we will be moving in the future! :)

Like I said I know I'm jumping ahead of myself becasue it is hardly Fall (or "Spring") but I'm soooo excited!

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Shawn and Tori said...

I have to say I love living where there are 4 seasons! Sometimes it is a huge hassel going to work and driving in it, and you miss the beach of course- but I can't imagine going back somewhere that it doesn't change season. It is no beautiful and fun to sit in your house with a book, a blanket and a fireplace. You could always move here ;o)

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