Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Newish year... newish me! :)

So this year in my dance classes I have been having a blast!!! I love all 3 of my dances and I have a solo! I'm so excited to perform them. Since I love these dances so much and I have a solo it has lit a spark in me.

Even though it is a month into the new year I have a resolution.

1) To become more physically fit

2) To become more spiritually fit

Rhonda (the woman that I work for) has a gym at her apartment complex and I have decided to work out every day after work (4x a week) to get nice and buff so I can do amazing leaps, kicks, turns, etc. Also to make sure I stretch every day so I can be nice and flexible so I can do amazing leaps, kicks, splits, etc. :)

Also with being physically fit I am going to grow out my hair and tan so I will be a bronze goddess. :] Hahaha!! These are just two things I would like to do to make me feel more beautiful on the outside, and I personally feel, would make me seem like a more beautiful dancer with tan skin and long flowing hair! :]

Now with all this thinking about making my body more fit and beautiful I have also been thinking about the inner me. :) I should always have a goal to say my prayers, read my scriptures, have more meaningful Sundays and fasts but alas sometimes I fall behind. I have until June to work on the new outside me (that's when my big dance performance is) so I will also make that timeline a goal to work on the new inside me. Now this spiritual goal should go on long past June but I think this is a good starters! :]

SO this was kind of a long boring post but saying it out loud and letting everyone know will help me! :] So thanks!


Kirstin said...

Just so you know--I think you are SO BEAUTIFUL! You win the prize for being the prettiest Price.

Established 08/08/08 said...

Aww you are really sweet!!! *blushing* you just made my day! :)

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