Wednesday, April 7, 2010

St. George Girls Trip

Just catching up on the blog but since this one was so big... I decided to give it it's own post. :]

February 26-28, 2010

My mom decided to go up to St. George for a family history conference. She invited me and Lahren to go with her so we had a girls trip! It was a lot of fun. We left Santee at about 6pm Friday night, dropped Will and Grant in Hisperia so Will could see his family for the weekend, and were back on the road around 8:15. We thought we'd do the trip in two sections but my mom and I were both feeling very awake so we did the whole trip in one night and ended up getting into St. George around 3am. We got ready for bed and crashed.

The next day my mom wanted to do a morning session at the temple before her conference. Lahren wasn't feeling well from the lack of sleep and decided to sleep in. I thought I would sleep in too but I just kept thinking "how often are you in St. George and can do a temple session and how often can you sleep in?" So I jumped out of bed and decided to go with her. Much to our dismay the temple was closed but we still went into the visitor center that they have their... which is beautiful. We also decided to take some pictures in front of the temple. We ended up playing a game to see who could get the best shot with the most temple in it.

We met the cutest woman their (Bonnie) who just loved life and everyone in the world. She had the biggest smile and invited us (more then once) to come to church and sit with her and her husband the next day. She also told us that if we were ever in St. George again to come visit her! She was such a doll!!!

Then we went back to the motel, picked up Lahren, and took my mom to her conference. Then Lahren and I went shopping at Old Navy (ha because I had a gift card:]). Unfortunately Lahren wasn't feeling well so we got some lunch and took it back to the motel room. "Around The World In 80 Days" was on and so we watched that while we ate lunch. Then Lahren took a nice nap while I picked up my mom from the conference. Then my mom and I went driving all around St. George. We even found a back road that took us up into the red bluffs and gives you this amazing view of St. George! It was so pretty.

Then we picked Lahren up and went out to dinner at Chuck A-Rama. Yes that's right Chuck A-Rama. I know gross name but the food is pretty good. It's like a really nice Home Town Buffet.

Yeah My mom was blowing on a straw that still had the wrapper on it and it went flying off and hit the table next to us. Haha this is the after effect. :]

Then we were going to jacuzzi but some boys were in it and filled it with bubble bath. :/ So they shut down the pool area. Then we just watched a movie and fell asleep. We got up Sunday morning, went to Hesperia to pick up Will and go to church, and we were on our way home again. :]

It was such a nice time and a really fun girls trip! Thanks Mom!

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