Thursday, April 8, 2010

Date nights & days! :)

I haven't updated my blog in while but these are some date nights/days that Jarom and I have been on in the past month or two.

The first post happened at the Vejas outlet.

Well that's the casino but we didn't go in. I promise. :]

I love that place. :) Not only do they have amazing stores but it's just fun to walk around and be outside. I'm not sure how recent this is (we don't go up to often) but they have a bowling ally and a small arcade. Maybe I've just never noticed it before. :] Anyway we went shopping (well I went shopping) at Dress Barn (I LOVE THAT STORE) and then stopped and played some games in the arcade!

Mostly because of Jarom we ended up wining around 500 tickets. :]

This is what we decided to get. Haha you can't really get anything big with 500 tickets.

Our second post was at the beach. Jarom and I don't go to the beach very often. Ha you think we would living in San Diego, but we decided to go to Coronado. It was so beautiful there. And I could not believe how many sand dollars there were. I mean I knew they had some but we must have seen over 50. At first we were excited if we found a piece or half of one... but after a while were only content if we found whole ones. We took home about 6. :]

Also a few years ago my cousins Chris and Rachel lost their sweet baby girl Chloe. A while ago Rachel asked if anyone who lived near a beach would write Chole's name in the sand as a remembrance to her. We put three of our sand dollars in the middle of the o. :] I'm so glad I finally got to a beach and was able to take a picture of it. So this is for Chris, Rachel, Chloe, & the whole Price family! Love you guys!

P.S Yes my cousins last name is Price but we're related on my moms side. Ha totally different Prices. :]

Then for our third and final post... Jarom and I went camping at Paso Picacho in the Cuyamaca Campgrounds. Just last week over spring break. It was so much fun. We just went for one night but it was so nice to be together away from the T.V and obligations. We just sat and talked to each other about memories and what we want to do with our kids someday. It was really bonding and I loved it!!

When we got there we set up camp and then hung out for a while.

I took a piece of wood and stated shaving off thin pieces for kindling. It was fun and I felt cool. :] Haha And because of it I made an amazing fire with ONE match.

That night it was a full moon. It was beautiful.I couldn't take a pic of it because it just looked like a little white dot on the pic but it was so bright it was almost hard to look at. At one point it made my eyes water. We went for a moonlight walk and we didn't even need a flashlight.

Then the next day we packed up camp and hiked up Stonewall Peak. 2 miles of switchbacks. Good thing there were switchbacks but it was one crazy hike. It was beautiful at the top and I'm glad I did it once but... I'm not sure it will ever happen again. :]

Like it says on the pic on the left that was our campsite and you can tell because it must have been what the firefighters were trying to save in the fire a while ago. Everything around it is gray.


Rhonda Marie and Henry G said...

I know, you get so excited that there is a comment and then you find out it's just me. Sorry about that. I just had to say how much I love your blog. It is adorable! You have seemed to learn everything I taught you very well. Job well done. LOL

Established 08/08/08 said...

You're silly!!! I love getting comments from you. Thanks... I really soaked in everything. If it hadn't been for you I would not even have this!!! ;)

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