Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wild Animal Park

During Spring Break Lahren took me to the Wild Animal Park. It was fun.

We went to see the butterfly exhibit which was amazing. It was only their for the 2 weeks of spring break.

In line they were passing out worms and crickets. They were real but not alive. The park cooked them and coated them with cheese, barbecue, and another kind of powder. My mom always taught me to try everything once so I couldn't pass up the opportunity. It was just one of those things I knew I would regret later... and it wasn't to bad. They didn't taste bad but the outside skin of the worm got stuck in my teeth... hence the 3rd picture. I was trying to wash it out with some water. And the best part was Jarom was still in love with me enough to kiss me when I came home. :]

Anyway for the butterfly exhibit you just walk into this huge cage and there are butterflies everywhere. You have to make sure you don't step on them. They just come up and land on you! Well none landed on me but one landed on Lahren. It's on her hip next to the left of the B.

We also went and fed the parakeets. It was right after lunch so they weren't very hungry but we got one to come feed. Although the poor bird looked like he was about to die. I think he was molting.

Then we went on the safari route/ride thing whatever it is. I know you can't really see but in the second picture there are 2 lions on top of the car.

Then we came home. :] It was a beautiful day!!!


Established 08/08/08 said...

Crickets not cockroaches :) Love ya! Thank you for a fun day!

The Rogers said...

Ok, so you didn't sign out after you used my computer so it looks like you commented on your own post, but it was really me! :)

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