Thursday, April 29, 2010

Want a FREE t-shirt...

and a way to raise more money for Tayler's Team. Then read this. :]

Basically you'll be making your own account page under my team on the C.F website. If you do this people will donate to your account under your name but everything will go to Tayler's Team. When you raise $100 then you will get a free t-shirt. If you do this you will also be automatically signed up for the walk but do not have to attend. I know this sounds confusing but I'm taking you through a step by step process and it really isn't as bad as it sounds.

Here's how:

1) Follow this link to my page. On the left side you will see a button "register to walk"... click it!

2) It will ask you state or Chapter. State is CA and chapter is the S.D & Imperial counties chapter.

3) Then register for 2010 DeAnza Cove

4) It will ask you what you are signing up as (team leader, member etc.) You want to choose - I am signing up as a MEMBER OF A TEAM!!!! It's important that you choose this. If you don't you will either create your own C.F team and end up as a team leader for the walk or you will just be a random member and not going under Tayler's Team.

5) Choose - Tayler's Team-

6) Then you have to fill out your info. Sorry. I hate doing it to. :[ But it only takes a few minutes and it goes to a great cause! :] And it is a VERY secure site. I never worry about it. Plus your account will last for a long time so you can do it again next year. :D

Now you are a registered walker. You can put up a story, pic, whatever. Your page will look exactly like mine does now with your own extraordinary touch. :] Now you can post this link on your facebook, twitter, blog, e-mail, etc. and your friends can donate to your account (which means you'll get a FREE t-shirt) but all the money is still going towards Tayler's Team and finding a cure for C.F. I just made one for Jarom so I could know exactly what I was trying to explain to you. Here's the link to his if you want to check his out first.

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