Monday, June 28, 2010

Dance Equals Love

On June 19th I had my dance performances. This will be my last year at Jeans Dance Studio. I had some really cool dances.

On the left is me and Carissa. We were both assistants to Darcy. We helped with Tap, Jazz, and Production. She is so cool. That's why we were in the teacher dance. We danced to a orchestrated version of "Sweet Child Of Mine" by Guns and Roses. I loved working with her and Darcy. The middle photo is all the girls (except 2) who were in our Lyrical dance. We danced to "Dreaming With A Broken Heart." On the right is me and Laryssa. Love her!
I love these girls!!!! They are sooooo much fun to be with!

These were the costumes for our Jazz dance. We danced to a remixed version of "Move" by CSS.
I had lots of fun and I love all these girls. Really gonna miss them!!

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