Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birthday Vegas (Pre-Phase 3)

So on Monday June 5th we are heading up to Vegas. We are staying at the Tahiti Village in Las Vegas. It's my parents birthday gift to me. :]

Jarom and I are both sooooo stoked! One of the things that totally sold me, Jarom, and my parents is that there is a lazy river. :] Also it's about 2 miles south of the strip right by an outlet mall. It's gonna be amazing!

Well to get us in the mood we did a Las Vegas Puzzle. We started it at about 7 on Sunday night and finished it at 3 in the morning. Haha there is something so addicting about puzzles.

After Vegas we're going to spend about a week 1/2 with Jaroms family! For the last 3 days we are going to zion to hike the narrows. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures when I get back.

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