Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birthday Cabin (Phase 2)

So because of my dance performances Jarom postponed my birthday trip. We just went this past weekend, June 26-28. Jarom completely surprised me.

He took me to a cabin in Idyllwild up by big bear. One of his co-workers at work owns one and he let us stay there for the weekend. I completely forgot to take pictures of the cabin :/ but it had a huge balcony/porch that looked over the woods. We got there around 7:30 Friday night because Jarom had some homework to finish up that day. Since it was later I got really freaked out. It seemed like there was no one around. There were lots of cabins around us but I didn't see any people or lights on. I was being such a big baby. I felt like I was in some horror movie that took place in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Well we got settled and watched T.V for a few hours. Then we decided to go to bed. I was still freaking out so when we laid down Jarom turned on Pandora and we played Sudoku on his iPhone. That helped me calm down. I was feeling much better when all of a sudden I thought I felt something run across my face. It freaked me out so I jumped up and was swatting my face to try to get whatever it was off. We had a fan on so I just figured some hair flew across my face and since my imagination had been running wild I must have imagined it. So we laid back down and a few minutes later I felt it run across my face again. At first I thought it was a misquito hawk because I thought it was attracted to the light on Jaroms phone so Jarom turned on the bathroom light so it would fly in there. When he got back he saw it; A spider was laying on the pillow. EWWW!!! When Jarom went to kill it it crawled under the bed and he didn't get it in time. The all of a sudden we saw another small spider on the bed. Jarom killed that one and then I saw one behind Jarom crawling down the blinds. Jarom killed that one also and then he saw another on the floor. We had had enough!! Even Jarom felt uncomfortable getting back in that bed. We just stood, looking at the bed for about 20 min wondering what to do. There were 3 more beds in the house but they probably had spiders in them also. We thought about going home but I was really excited to spend the next day there so we ended up sleeping on the couch. I got a few hours but Jarom wasn't so lucky. Anyway the next day was much better. We watched the world cup but the USA lost. So that was a bummer but it was really fun watching it and some other movies. We also did puzzles and sat around while we ate junk food. We were suppose to stay Saturday night also but we decided to go home and sleep in our spider free bed.

On the way home we stopped at Buca de Beppo. It was very good.
They even let me have birthday dessert even though it was 2 weeks after the actual big day.

Thanks for the birthday trip babe. Even though there were spiders everywhere and it didn't turn out like either of us thought it would it was still amazing to be with you!

Sorry there weren't many pics and LOTS of writing but it's all about the memories. :]

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