Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vacation 2 -Utah

So after Vegas we went up to Utah while my parents and Dallen went back to Cali. We left Friday the 9th and got to Utah that evening. The next day Sue-mom was helping run the American Fork parade so we helped. I don't have any pics but it was a lot of fun. Jarom and I were some of the people in charge and telling people where to go. Then that night they were having a carnaval and we went and gave people tickets, talked with family, and I got my face painted with Rachelle. :]

Sunday was church and it didn't start until 1! I used to think that it would be to late but it was perfect. I loved it. Just sleep in and take your time getting ready. It's not like I have anything else to do later. :]

The rest of the week was just hanging out with fam and relaxing. I didn't get to much sleep up there and Jarom had some homework so we had a couple days of just hanging out at the house.

Monday night we went to Stewart falls by Mt. Timpanogos and had a picnic and hiked!!

Wednesday was pretty low key and Tuesday and Thursday we went to Salt Lake City.

~We took a tour of the conference center. The roof was amazing. They have this black wall and had a worker sand blast people on it. It was suppose to symbolize all different types of people and being able to see our ancestors. I think... haha anyway when you take a picture by it it's suppose to look like you're part of it. Cool. Then we mainly just walked around Temple Square and saw the new Deseret Book store.

~We saw Rahn's office. It was beautiful.

Then we had lunch and went to the cemetery where all the official members of the church are buried. One of Jaroms ancestors is buried there and we found a Tenney which is my moms maiden name but I don't know if I'm related to them. :]

Some of the men we saw: Gordon B. Hinckley (above) John Taylor, Heber J Grant, David O McKay, Wilford Woodruff, Joseph Fielding Smith, Joseph F. Smith, and a tribute to Hyrum Smith.
Then we drove up to Bountiful to see Grandma Rasmina who it the cutest, sweetest, funniest Grandma!! She likes to knit but she's losing her eye sight and so she does a lot of it from feel. Sue was telling her that what she was doing was amazing and she kind of paused and then said "well I'm good at it." Haha she cracks me up!! I love her!!!!!

After we visited Grandma we came back, picked up Rahn, had dinner at the Lion House, and then went and saw the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform. When we went to the conference center on Tuesday we found out that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was doing a dress rehearsal for the 100 year concert there... at the conference center. So when we came on Thursday we went to see it and it was so much fun!! I loved it. They did some amazing songs and we were in the front row of the second section (which was the closest you could get) right in the middle.

Friday was another low key day but I went to go get pedicures with Erin and Rachelle. Fun!

Then we went to the narrows. Post that in a couple days! :]

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