Thursday, December 2, 2010

"O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree"

This is our Christmas tree this year and my Christmas project. Every year I like having a Christmas project. The first year Jarom and I were married I did a wreath, then a garland, and now a Christmas tree. For now it works really well as our "main Christmas tree" since anything bigger makes our condo feel so small... but when we move and have the space for a bigger Christmas tree then this can go in the office or somewhere else. It's about 3ft and I had lots of fun decorating it!

A few of the ornaments.

I didn't spend to much money on decor this year but this is something new. My mom gave it to me for Christmas last year. Since we got it on the 25th we didn't have much of a chance to put it up so this was the first year we've really been able to enjoy it and we love it! It is a beautiful manger and I love anything that's "Willow Tree"!!


Molly Hartzell said...

Yay! We got the Willow Tree set as a gift this year as well :) Also, I hope you guys know you're invited to the reception next week! We ran out of invites :/

Tay&J said...

Thanks! Trust me I know how much invites cost! It's totally fine. :] Congrats! Going to the temple is so exciting!

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