Monday, November 29, 2010

First Christmas Present!

Jarom and I recieved our first Christmas gift of the season today and probably the BEST gift of the season! It is a beautiful advent book from my Grandma Dee and it is making me more anxious then EVER for Dec. 1st to get here!

I hope you can read this. It's an intro to the book!

It is the most beautiful book and it is such a treasure for our family already and I haven't even read it yet. Well I tried to but Jarom told me to be patient. But this is a sneek peek of the first day! Hehehe!

This of course is only making me more excited to have children so I can share this with them. I know this will be a Christmas favorite and of course it will be even more treasured since it was made by our wonderful Grandma Dee! The time and effort put into this book cannot even be counted and I'm so grateful to have a grandma who would do that for me and my family! I love you grandma! Thank you for this wonderful book! There are no words to describe my gratitude!

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The Rogers said...

Make sure you look in the back if you haven't already. Mine had all kinds of recipes in it. It's probably my favorite Christmas thing!!!!!

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