Sunday, November 28, 2010


A few days ago (Nov. 20- Nov. 24) Jarom's family was in town. I have a small blog update I want to do but the pictures are on Jaroms iPhone so that post will have to wait.

Thanksgiving was great. Lahren made the whole dinner (like always) and did a fabulous job. Turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, stuffing (from scratch... AMAZING), rolls, corn, and my dad did a broccoli casserole. So delicious. We also played a game (Cranium) after dinner and then we started off the season by watching "White Christmas."

In the spirit of Thankgiving I would like to mention a few things I'm grateful for. They aren't in order... if anything it's probably least to greatest. :]

1) Our beautiful home!! I love our home and I'm especially grateful that starting in Jan we will officially be down to 5 figures in our payments. :D That is REALLY something to be thankful for!

2) Our cars which are terribly old and have many little problems (and some big ones on the way). Lots of prayers have been made in behalf of our 2 little cars and we are so grateful that they keep on running so we can have that transportation without needing to buy new cars. Right now we have no car payment and since they are so old our insurance payments are about $400 a year! Yes as much as we want a new car I'm so thankful for the ones we have!!

3) Health. Jarom is always healthy but my health this past year has been amazing! I have truly been blessed. When I went to the doctor about 2 months ago he said "a lot of girls your age are showing certain symptoms about this time that you aren't showing so far... keep doing what your doing" I wanted to tell him it was because I was working in the temple but he wouldn't have understood. ;) I'm thankful for health... for my health!

4) Family and friends who are so amazing and loving. Especially family (both mine and Jaroms) who do so much for us!!! Shout out to my mom and dad who let me do laundry at their house and let me use their soap and dryer sheets. And sometimes a rare load at Rhondas when I haven't done laundry in over a week and am in desperate need of underclothes. :]

5) The gospel. My life would be nothing without the gospel! The blessings of the gospel are amazing. We always have everything we need and want! It's made me the person I am, it's the reason my health is so great, and because of it not only do I have Jarom, I'm sealed to him forever. Which brings me to #...

6) My husband. The most amazing man ever! He always makes sure I'm really well taken care of and that I'm doing my treatments and getting plenty to eat. He is an amazing provider and even though he has work, O.T, preparing seminary lessons, teaching seminary, his masters, and a wife with a deadly disease (who can be quite difficult and emotional :]) he never complains and always makes sure I'm ok. I think one of the things I'm most thankful for in Jarom is his schooling. I'm so thankful that Jarom would go to school and be so dedicated in getting his Bachelors and Masters (which he'll have in March :D) so he can be the best provider for his family! Linked to this is also the fact that he went to school for many many years just trying to figure out what he wanted to do. I'm so thankful that he didn't just settle down with a job he didn't want but took the time to find something he loves and look where it has brought him so far! I'm thankful for my husband!!

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Erin said...

You guys are so amazing. Sometimes i wish I lived closer to bask in the light of your examples. Ha Ha. Ok random way to put it, but I really do appreciate you guys and your thoughts and examples.

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