Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Saturday Jarom and I went to a Halloween party put on by our good friends Noah and Rhawnie Miller. We didn't want to spend to much money on costumes but we wanted to do something a little creative so we went as Steve Jobs and the iPhone


Ha Lahen came late to the party and didn't wear a costume so she threw on this wig that Rhawnie had. :]

Then every Monday before Halloween my family always gets together for a FHE halloween. We've been doing it since I was little and I love it! Jarom, Will, and I carved pumpkins. Well Lahren started the pumpkin and Will finished.

Jarom did the headless horseman and I did the ghost in the graveyard.

Will did the pirate. arrrgggg

Then we had chili and Lahren made some Halloween cookies. We also had our traditional Halloween story about Gregory Ghost and Patty Pumpkin. :]

The cookies Lahren made and my moms cute Munster Village.

Also Lahren took some of the Pumpkin seeds and toasted them. I thought they were really good but I wasn't the only one. Grant is the one of the pickiest boys alive and he could not get enough of them. He loved them. It was great. :]

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Jessica and Sean said...

The name of your blog is so stinkin' cute! I wish I could come up with a fun title. All I could think of was "yerg-alicious". Kinda thinking Sean won't go for that one, haha. I love the iphone idea. I might steal that for next year.

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