Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Desk

So Jarom and I have wanted a new desk for a while. Our last one was really small and kinda falling apart. When Jarom would be doing homework he'd have his books on the desk, his lap, and the ground trying to study. Now he can have them all on the desk. :] It's not to big not to small! And the best part was this desk was origanlly at Office Depot for $250. It was on sale for $130 and I hada 30% coupon. We got it... out the door... for $115! :] Haha we stayed up until 3am putting it together. The next day that didn't seem like a good idea. Again sorry for the pics. I really want a new camera.

Putting it together!

Half way through. :] Can you guess what I'm watching?

All done. The lighting is super bad but you get the idea. It's really nice.

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Kirstin said...

You're watching The Count of Monte Cristo. I thought the movie was awesome until I actually read the book. The book is 100 x better!

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