Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas Present #2 Disneyland!

Our trip to Disneyland was so much fun! We loved it. Of course by the end of the 2 days it had felt like it had been at least a week. And we're excited to go with kids. It seemed like about 3pm we had done everything we wanted to do both days. It'll be fun to go with kids who still feel the magic and are so excited. Not that we weren't excited or didn't feel the magic but... you know what I mean. :]

Anyway these are just a few pics. We went to California Adventure the first day, January 11 and Disneyland January 12.

Our favorite ride at Cal. Adventure was Toy Story Mania. We went on it 4 times and both agreed if we had gotten the hopper pass we would have gone back again on day 2. I wanted to go back because I won all 4 times. I was excited because Jarom wins EVERYTHING!! So I couldn't believe that I won! Jarom wanted to go back because he was losing. Hahaha anyway the last time was the best score for me and I won out of all 8 people in the car.

When we played it really was just between me and Jarom but there are 2 cars... 2 people on either side of the car so that totals 8 and at the end it shows you who had the best of everyone in the car. :] And I did.

Us in our 3D glasses! The ride is in 3D which is part of what makes it so cool!!!

Then we went to Disneyland. It was a day where we did a lot of things we might not have normally done because we had so much time. :] Like the next 2 pictures of us are on Storybook Land.

Lahren, Grant, and Rhawnie went to Disneyland that day also so we met up for a few hours. Grant was actually scared of this ride. I'm not sure why. Once in a while he'd just start whimpering.

This is our picture from the Buzz ride. Don't I look happy. This was the first time we played and Jarom totally crushed me but then I beat him the second time.

I just took this one because we had nothing to do in line and it was Jaroms favorite ride when he was little.

Anyway we had a great time!! :]Thanks mom and dad for pitching in on a great Christmas gift!! Love you!

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Shawn and Tori said...

Sooo fun!!! That is the best Christmas gift! I can't wait to take Brynna

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