Friday, January 21, 2011

Good Deals=Happy ME!!!

Ok so this blog might be a little long and may seem conceded but I can't help it! I was so pleased with myself today! I never get deals this good and I just had to share it! Old Navy is my favorite place ever now.... officially! Kirstin I know you'll be proud. :]

Purse: Reg: $30

Pink Cardi: Reg: $30
Sale: $3.14

Tan "Camper" Shirt: Reg: $25
Sale: $1.86

Red Scarf: Reg: $8.50
Sale: $2.80

Flower Embellished Tank: Reg: $16.50
Sale: $2.47

Necklace: Reg: $12.50
Sale: $2.23

Bracelet: Reg: $7.50

Earrings: Reg: $7.50
Sale: $.66

Pom Ballet Flats: Reg:$23
Sale: $2.24

And last but definitely not least

Jeans: Reg: $40
Sale: $5.40

Grand total: Reg: $120
My Price: $30!

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