Saturday, May 21, 2011

New hire training

This past Tuesday and Wednesday we were in Utah for another training. This wives were included for this one. :]

Our flight left at 6am so we were up by 4 and on our way by 4:45. We had a lay over in Vegas and when we got there I was really hungry. I saw a Wendys and told Jarom "I'm so hungry let's get some lunch." He looked at me and said "Tayler it's 7:30 in the morning." That's when I knew it was going to be a very long day and it was. But good.

We arrived in Utah and a shuttle picked us up and took us to "The Plaza" hotel right across from Temple Square. We got checked in and then headed over to the church office building for lunch and meetings. It was raining and so I wanted to have the hotel drop us off closer to the building but Jarom wanted the adventure of walking. By the time we got to the church office building I was wet and freezing cold. My hair was soaked and somehow my hair spray soaked up the water and my hair wouldn't dry so it looked wet and greasy for 3 hours. Fun. But we got there and had lunch with 12 other couples who had just gone through a training that we'd go through after lunch. They were awesome people. It was kinda sad to meet all these amazing couples but then not see them again because we're all in different states. Actually there were about 25 couples who were hired this year. One was going to Mesa Arizona, about 6 were in Idaho with one on the border of Idaho and Organ, we were the only ones in California and the rest were all over Utah. The rest were Seminary instructors; Jarom was the only institute director.

After lunch we went to the meeting to have Jarom learn more about the laptop they were giving him and met with HR to finalize everything. I was exhausted! Plus I had worn heals and we were walking everywhere so my feet hurt like mad and I wore a dress that was to short and I was so consciences of it all day. I threw it away when we got home. But after the meeting with Bro. Valenga (who was our HR rep that day) we went up a few stories and saw Rahn. It was nice to just set in the office and relax for a little bit. Then we walked back over to the hotel, changed, and had dinner with the rest of Jaroms family.

This is the view from our room. It was so beautiful looking at the conference center and capital building all lit up.

The next day we got a ride over to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building where we had some morning meetings, then lunch, and then an afternoon conference with Chad Webb the CES administrator. He's at the top. He meets every 2 weeks with the church education board (Pres. Monson, Pres. Eyring, Pres. Utchdorf, Elder Nelson, Elder Ballard, Elder Oaks, Elder Snow, Sister Dalton, and Sister Beck) to discuss everything. He talked to us for about an hour and a half and it was amazing! When we left there we were even more excited about what we were doing and what our future has in store for us.

BUT before I close I have to tell you about lunch. I can have such a fascination with food. Haha I'm pretty sure it runs in my family. Anyway lunch was AMAZING!! I had to take some pics and talk about it briefly. :]

First was this salad. Spinach, strawberries, bacon, candied nuts, and red bell pepper with a strawberry vinaigrette dressing. I know those foods may sound weird together but it was delicious.

Second: Chicken Teriyaki. The teriyaki sauce was to die for. It was thicker then most teriyaki sauces because it had some honey in it. They also served rice and perfectly steamed veggies. Bell peppers (my fav), carrots, broccoli, onions (which were perfectly flavored and didn't overpower the rest of the food at all or leave you with stinky onion breath) and snow peas (which were good but I'm not to big on those). There was also some fruit but I though it was more of a garnish and didn't think it tasted good since it was warm from the plate.

Last Course: Dessert. It wasn't fudge but it wasn't a brownie either. It was like a combo and it was chocolate with a mint topping, vanilla ice cream, and a strawberry. Everything was amazing!!!!

What I learned from my lunch... the church likes us to have healthy delicious satisfying meals. After that I really wanted to be a better cook and make healthy dinners for Jarom and I. Plus the portion sizes weren't that big but extremely filling!

It was a great 2 days!

(If you're reading this and there are no pics I thought they would be posted soon but as you'll see in a few posts I washed Jaroms iPhone before he downloaded everything. :[ But I don't want to go back and re-write the whole thing.)

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