Friday, May 13, 2011


Wow the past couple days have been amazing. Like I said a couple of posts ago so much has been going on and we've felt so blessed but I've just kind of had this unsettling lump in my stomach. Well luckily that went away about a week later and even though it was gone I must admit my faith was wavering. :] I was worried about where we were going to live with how much money we are making and if we were going to find renters, when are we going to pack with all the training days that are coming up, etc.

Well it's always easier to have strong faith once everything works out but I can truly say that this experience has enhanced my testimony. Not only to have more faith even when things don't seem to be working out, but how much my Heavenly Father truly loves me, wants me to be happy, and is involved in my life. I don't understand people who believe in God but think that he's just there to try and test us, or that He's not really involved in our lives which shows such a lack of love! I also believe that He wants to give us everything we want that is good for us or part of His path for us. Sometimes I think we feel that He only gives us the things we NEED but anything we want is up to us. But I really believe that He gives us those things that we want also because we are his glory! He wants us to be happy and have a full joy in life!

Well to show you what I'm talking about we drove up to Rancho Cucamonga on Tuesday May 11th to see the new institute, secure an apartment, and go over and see Jaroms new "mentor."

So on the 11th we went to the institute and met with Hal Haywood (the institute director there now) and talked about the institute and training meetings that are coming up, etc. Then we had some lunch and went and looked at apartments. There were 2 we had in mind. One we REALLY like at a place called Jamboree. It was more of a town home layout so there was no one above us and we had an attached garage beneath us so there was no one beneath us either! We just like the layout more and it had a partial mountain view which I was excited about. You may be thinking "what is the problem" but it was price. Of course the nicer one with the attached garage is $1547. Then there was the other one that had smaller sq. ft with no attached garage (but a detached), and no mountain view for $1398. So we went through both again and still couldn't decide. Was it really worth the extra $150 for a better layout, mountain view, and attached garage? So we went to Best Western, relaxed, and then for the rest of the evening broke down every little bit of our finances to see what we could really afford. Well it turned out we could afford Jamboree but it would be pretty tight. Carmel would be less tight but we didn't like it as much. What to do, what to do?! So we slept on it.

Then the next day we went over to San Bernardino and met with Jaroms new mentor who is an institute director over there. His name is Wes and his wife is Melissa. They seemed like a really great couple! We sat in on one of his lessons and he's a great teacher! We also met with Scott (the area director) and talked with him. He just wanted to make sure that we were doing ok and was there to answer any questions.

After that we drove back to Rancho when 2 things happened. 1st we got an e-mail that confirmed we officially have long term renters!! *sigh of relief*

2nd we got an e-mail from Carmel. It said that there was a new apartment open and ready for immediate move in, was a bigger model of the 2 bed 2 bath, and had a mountain view. We went in and really liked it. Not as much as Jamboree but it was only $1428. :D After about 20min of debate (because we still REALLY wanted Jamboree) we decided to go with Carmel. We felt so blessed. Right as we were about to go back a choose an apartment this popped up. If it had popped up even 2 hours later it would have been to late. We are so grateful and it really showed me how mindful the Lord is to our situation. Not only has he blessed us with the job, renters, and an apartment... but it's the PERFECT apartment for our price range. :]

We are so grateful to start this new adventure and we can't wait to get up there! 2 weeks from tomorrow! :]

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