Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We've officially moved!

So I'm really bummed because I want to be posting lots of pictures but we don't have a camera! :[ I've been using Jaroms phone but I need to take the time to download the pictures. Anyway yes it's official... we now live in Rancho Cucamonga.

We moved Thursday but then came right back to S.D that night and spent the weekend with my family. We also cleaned out our condo and made it nice and pretty for the couple who is moving in. Next time we're getting a maid. :]

I like our little apartment but I LOVED our condo so I'm still adjusting. :] Actually our apartment is not so "little." It's way bigger then our condo. Our condo is 781 sq. ft. and our apartment is 1100! I love the space. We have a second bathroom which is nice AND we have a washer and dryer. This is the first time I've LOVED doing laundry! I've already done 2 loads and I can't wait to do more. :] We also have a huge walk in closet and master bedroom. I've unloaded almost everything (still working on the office) and it's definitely starting to feel like home but I'm anxious to put up pictures.

Jarom is at the institute today. I feel badly because there isn't a whole lot to do. We really want to get in a clean it out but Hal doesn't leave until June 1st so he can't really do anything until then and classes don't start until June 9th. But he is hired so he's just kinda hanging out, preparing lessons, and trying to find stuff to do.

Well that's about it. I can't wait to share more posts about our time in Rancho! :]

Oh and P.S just an update from my last post about my glucose test. Turns out my numbers are semi-"normal." They did 4 draws and I guess the lab tells them to only look at the 1st and 4th. The doctors have tried to convince them to only do 2 shots but they still have to do 4. Yeah I don't think it makes sense either but I guess it was good they did 4 for me because my fasting was 102 (normal). But then it spiked up to 189 and then 230 (high). My fourth draw was 89 and they know it went even lower then that later because when I got home I was dizzy, shaking, and nauseous. SO that's the problem. According to the first and last number I don't have diabetes. But because it spiked so high and then because of how low it spiked when I was home it show that my pancreas it struggling. The insulin doesn't kick in soon enough and then when it does it's let's out way to much. They said right now it can be treated with diet. No soda (not problem for me) and only little bits of juice (big problem) and fruit with my meals. No sitting down in the morning with a big bowl of fruit or anything like that. My meals have to be very frequent and mixed. I should be having 6 small meals a day and only little amounts of sugar with each meal. But when I become pregnant they'll have to put me on insulin since I have a "struggling pancreas." :[ Like I said... I love you future baby!

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