Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lovely Weekend

Lots of little things happened this weekend in S.D and so I just wanted to write a few things down.

Friday night Jarom and I took showers and I went to wash the clothes. When I came back in Jarom asked if I had checked his pockets. I said no so I went back out to check and guess what was in there... his iPhone. I felt so badly but he was so patient and wonderful and just said " It's ok babe... It was an accident and it's just a phone." :] I'm in love!

Sat was way better. I had a new outfit and we went to Matt and Annie LaVoire's wedding which was out by the ocean. Then after we got some KFC and had lunch right by the water. It was perfect. I love days like that where you're together and the weather's beautiful and it was just beautiful. :] Then we went and saw Nathan, Colleen and the kids and that was fun to be with them. We played and talked... they are such an awesome family and we'll miss not seeing them more often. Then we went over to the Apple store to see if they could do something with Jaroms old phone and they replaced it for free!!! :] They don't normally replace water damage but we came in and were nice and honest and they said they would replace it. :] We were both so happy... especially myself. Then we went to the wedding reception which was also beautiful. It was just a lovely day.

Nothing spectacular but still lovely. :] Of course any day with Jarom is lovely.

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