Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Alright well in all honesty it didn't start out to well. It was my fault. Jarom had to work on my birthday and I don't like that. All I want every year is to just be with him all day long. I don't need anything else just him. Well I thought I had prepared and worked myself up enough to be ok with him working but then when he left I let myself get all mad and depressed. He even left me a cute little birthday note and came home with my favorite flowers and fun silly little gift.

But by then I just wanted to be sad. He tried everything to make me feel better but as the day went on I was to proud to say sorry and pull out of it. By the end of the day I was so mad at myself and how stupid I had been reacting that I just cried. Around 11pm I finally let go of my silly pride and watched a movie with Jarom. He of course was amazing as always and forgave me. I was so mad at the way I had reacted because I don't feel like I'm that kind of person. I'm not someone who usually has a problem admitting when they're wrong so when I spent the whole day trying to defend myself and why I was right I just ended up being mad at me.

So I asked him if we could start over and pretend like Sat the 11th was my birthday. That morning he made me breakfast in bed and then we had a good in depth discussion about what had happened the day before. After that we got ready for the day and cleaned the house. I actually enjoyed it. Just cleaning with Jarom and getting it ready for my parents who were coming later that day. Then we went to Victoria Gardens which is a really nice mall here and got my new white iPhone. :] I love it and am so excited I finally have a phone... especially an iPhone. Plus it's also acting as my new camera. :] Afterwards I got a new purse and glasses at payless and then we walked over to TGIF for lunch.

New Purse


Then we went home and my parents came for the night. They wanted to come up for my birthday and to see the new apartment. We went over to see the institute and ended up hanging out and talking there for a couple hours then went and got a late dinner at Boston Market. We came back to the house and watched Tron. The funny thing about that was the sound didn't work on the regular settings so we watched the option for blind people. In the middle it got really annoying but I wanted to see how it ended and no one else really seemed to mind. Basically the actors would say their lines and then when no one was talking there was commentary about what was going on. You know like "Then as the father is leaving he looks at his soon longing as he gets on his motor bike and drives to work." Only through the whole movie which makes you realize how often people don't talk. I swear for a full 20min of the movie no one said anything. It was just music and commentary.

The next day we went to church which was our first time in the new ward. There were 10 new women in R.S. Yeah I don't have to be worried about being the new girl. :] But everyone was really excited that Jarom and I are staying long term because a lot of guys come down in the summer from Utah and Idaho to do the whole pest control selling thing. It's a very transit ward and the women were excited that I'm staying for longer then just 3 months. I guess priesthood was excited that Jarom was staying for longer too which probably means he will be the next Elders Quorum president or bishop. :] Then we all went back to S.D so Jarom could go to the seminary graduation and I went and got a Roger/Grant fix. :]

We left my parents car in Rancho, left my dad in S.D for work, and brought my mom back up to spend another night.

The next day Jarom went to work and my mom and I slept in, hung out and watched a movie, and then went to the Tai Pan Trading company. I guess it's the only one outside of Utah. It's like a huge Pier One Imports. My mom got a ton of stuff for the house. I didn't get as much but I got some great stuff for Christmas and Halloween in the sale section. I know a little soon but these were some great steals.

Cute hat I found but didn't buy.

After we had an early dinner at Souplantation. Then the weekend was finally over and my mom went home.

I have a great family and it was a great birthday. Presents, family, time with the hubby, good food, and some learning and growing. :] SO I'm not perfect like everyone thought but it was still a great 3 days. Hahaha.

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