Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bass Pro Shop Date Night

Last night Jarom and I went to the Bass Pro shop. When we started telling people where we were moving a lot of them said "Oh isn't that by the Bass Pro Shop off the 15... you got to check it out." So that's what we did. It really is an amazing place. It's kind of like a hunting/wilderness Walmart. They have everything. Food, clothes/swim suites, cooking utensils, pool supplies/toys, furniture, bikes, guns, fishing poles, tents, seasoning for making your own jerky, haha everything. There was also a restaurant (which we've heard is really good) and a fudge place. It was fun to walk around and just check it out.

View from the upper level.

Huge Aquarium!
All of the animals (which were everywhere) are all Taxidermy. Haha Does that make sense. I'm not sure how to use that word in a sentence.
These candles were in the store and I though they were funny. The sign says that in the 17 century parents would be concerned about how long suiters would stay with their daughters so this candle would time how long the suiters had been there. You fed (or feed) the candle 3" through the clip and light the wick. The wax will melt approx. 20min per inch. I thought that was so funny and cool. Anyway you can buy them.

We also got some fudge. If you bought 4 pieces you got 2 free so we did. Haha. I love fudge. There was Milk Chocolate with M&Ms, Milk Chocolate and strawberry (My FAV!), Milk chocolate, Butterfinger, Cookies 'n Cream, and Mint.
Then we came home and watched Tooth Fairy. When I first turned it on I thought "this is not very good" but then Billy Crystal popped up and he had some pretty good lines. It got better after that. :]

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