Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Del Mar Fair

I left Jarom in Rancho Cucamonga on Thursday night and drove down to Santee so I could go to the Del Mar Fair with my family on Friday (June 24th). I came down to get out of the house (I'm going a little stir crazy) and to see Grant perform. I wasn't expecting to much becasue he performed at the Santee street fair right after we moved and cried the entire time. This was his performance this time. :]

"Where's Grant?" I'll give you a clue... he's in a white shirt.

Me the "Stroller pusher" :] (and my dad on the side)

He had 2 dances and we didn't even stay for the 2nd one. We did some kiddie rides. This is Grant in the fun house. He ran into the wall twice.

Grant and Casen on the indian canoes. Grant didn't like these at first but by the end of the ride he wanted to ride them again. Casen wanted to go on some trucks across the way and I guess Grant didn't notice that Casen didn't get back in with him because as he got in the canoe he said "Wheres Casen" only it probably sounds more like "Whers Sasen" :] He loves his buddy Casen!

Then we went over to the midway and got some food and saw Grandpa Jerry play the piano. :] My lunch. I was soooo craving BBQ. It wasn't as good as Phils but it satisfied. :]

We also had Dip n' Dots. Something about the individual beads melting in your mouth makes them taste so much better then regular ice cream.

We walked around the shops and Lahren bought me 2 rings for my birthday and I bought her a hat for her birthday. :] Then I came home . Grant on the ride home.

I was going to stay that night also but I missed Jarom so I drove back that night to be with him. Great day. :]

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