Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Proud to be Mormon. :]

Yesterday at Ralphs a lady asked us if we knew where the diet section was. We told her no since this was the first time at this store since we just moved up from S.D. We started talking about Rancho and random things when out of no where she says "Well we have 2 great temples relatively close and great wards around here" I was a little taken aback and asked if she was mormon also. She said yes and then said "You just have that look." Hopefully she was talking about our beautiful spirits emanating through our smiling faces... but I can't help but think she got the idea from my flip flops, knee length shorts, T-shirt, no make up, and messy bun while Jarom was in his white shirt and tie. :]

Either way I'm proud to be mormon and proud to be spotted as one. :]

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