Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Well that's how we started our weekend in S.D. After my doctors appt we just spent the day out in La Jolla. We went to the temple and spent some time on the grounds and saw Sister Tenney at the distribution center. We're actually both related to Sister Tenney even before we were married. :] Anyway it was nice to see her. Then we went to CPK and had some lunch and came home. The next day Jarom went for a bike ride and then we went to the fair.

I normally don't post pictures of myself (as some have called me conceded :]) but I liked this pic and I want pics of me in my journal to. :]

We walked around, got some food, and then saw my moms children's choir perform (East County Children's Choir EC3) along with Darcy's dance studio (Expressions Dance and Movement). Afterward we went to see some of the animals (for Grant) and tried some fried Koolaid. I didn't really like it but Lahren had some friends who came the second day the fair was open and they said it was delicious. then they came back at the end of the fair and they said it was not very good. I guess we got a bad batch.

Fried Koolaid

Us trying the fried Koolaid

Then I really wanted to go on one ride and this is my favorite ride at the fair. It's called Tango. :] It spins you in 3 different directions. It's so fun but it's actually pretty scary. I mean if that bar popped open there's nothing else to hold you. You'd fall to your death.
Me, Corey, and my mom.

Sunday we didn't go to Church because I was feeling pretty sick but later on we went and saw Daisy and Joe. We hadn't visited them in a while and we really wanted to see them. We were there for a few hours and it was nice to talk to Daisy. Joe can't really hear and so when we come he normally just sits on the couch and watches T.V. As we were walking out she showed us her garden. It's grown so much since the last time we were there.
Jarom and Daisy in the Garden with a tomato and a radish.

A tiny carrot that Jarom tried. He said it was pretty good.

Tomatos and green onions. They were really good!

Then Monday was the 4th of July. I didn't take to many pics but it was fun. We went to Cavan and Andrea Roger's parents house. They had a beautiful back yard with a nice swimming pool. We went swimming and had a bbq. It was a really nice day.

My mom took a nap on the swing. :]

Lahren's delicious dessert. A sugar cookie with cream cheese type frosting. Strawberries blueberries and chocolate fudge to top it off. AMAZING

Grant with some dessert on his face. Or some "tootie" as he calls it. (Cookie)

We came home around 8 and watched the fireworks here. When we came home it was 90 degrees inside our house. :/
The fireworks were nice. We just walked down the street and saw Rancho's fireworks and Fontana's.

I usually don't post videos because I like making my blogs into books but I thought I'd start. I mean they just wont show up in the book right. :]

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