Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Feeding Tube (Photo Warning)

In April of 2006 I got a feeding tube. I didn't really feel like I needed it but I was excited to get it. I mainly got it because everyone was constantly on me to eat food and gain weight. I hated eating (which is why everyone was always on me to eat) and I knew if they would just back off I might like eating again. I knew I might lose some weight at first but then I'd learn to like to eat again. But no one listened to me so I decided to get a feeding tube. I had some spiritual impressions that it would be a difficult recovery and it was. I mean stomach surgeries are hard anyway because it hurts to do ANYTHING. I mean I didn't realize how much I use my stomach muscles for everything! Plus with my C.F they wanted to me to cough all the time and it did take me a lot longer to heal to then other kids. Well like I thought after I got it everyone backed off and I learned to love to eat again. About 2 years later I wanted to take it out but my dietitian kept telling me... well if you want to have a baby someday you'll want to keep it in. So I did for another 3 years in which time I got married and we decided it was time to start our family. So I started seeing doctors and they had never heard of anyone who was pregnant with a feeding tube. :/ Huh I was so mad because I wasn't sure how an expanding stomach would work with a feeding tube and no one could give me answers plus it was hurting sooo badly it would keep me up at night. I asked a G.I doctor about removing it and he said I could just take it out and it'd heal in a few days. So I took it out and 5 months later it still hasn't healed. This is what I wanted to write about because it's why we came to S.D in the first place. I finally got an appt. set up to see another G.I doctor to have a consult about getting it sewn up this past Friday. When we came down we decided to stay for the weekend and for the 4th. Anyway we went and the nurse and surgeon had never really heard of it not closing before. It always closes on it's own in a few days, 2 weeks at the most. So I have to come back July 12 (Tuesday) and have a C.T scan. They're going to put some ink in the hole and make sure that my stomach acid isn't leaking into any other parts of my body. They also want to see if something is blocking the hole (like a stitch) that's keeping it from closing. If I'm lucky they'll just get it closed up right afterward. When I got those impressions that it would take a while to heal I didn't think that meant when I took it out also. :]

Well here are some pics...

Right before I took out the feeding tube

Right after... It was so raw and red. Super painful. The scar next to it is an incision they made to help them during the surgery.

5 months later. It actually doesn't look to much better in this pic but it's not raw and there's just a bit of red. It's also closed a lot. It probably looks bad because it's a close up shot.

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