Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Zoo Sister Date

After my appt. I stayed the night at my parents house and went to the Zoo with Lahren and Grant the next day. She has the diamond pass so I get in for free. :] Anyway just wanted to post some pics of our super fun day.

Lahren was in the bathroom. I guess he was a little nervous and was looking for her.

These are in the play areas for kids but they're life size collars that they put around elephants necks and track where they migrate. They're huge (obviously if they fit around an elephants neck) but they look really heavy also. :[

This is all Grant wanted to see this day were the hippos! There was one right by the glass but since it's the summer there where a gazillion people there (even on a Wednesday) and we could only be there for about a min.

Yuck I hate snakes but I took this because it's eye looked weird. I came home and showed Jarom and he said "Oh it's about to shed." I didn't believe him but I googled it and true enough skin forms over their eye before they shed and then it all comes off together.

I've seen big turtles but I've never seen a long necked turtle. Pretty weird huh?

Even though it was late in the season we still saw some babies.

This was Grants favorite place. Just a little pond area out of the way that has ducks and turtles.


You can tell this is a baby because standing it's the same size as it's sitting mom. :]
The whole time these guys were fighting the mom was just relaxing in the back letting the trainer scratch her ears. :] She seemed like a regular exhausted mom. I mean look at that tongue. :]

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