Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Feeding Tube

Last Tuesday I had my doc. appt. in S.D to see why my feeding tube hole isn't closing. Nothing is wrong (of course) but there's just enough scar tissue built up that it's not closing. They did a CT scan and some x-rays with contrast. It was a long day. My appt was at 1 for the CT scan (and they told me I couldn't eat). They didn't get me in until 1:45 and only after I went up and talked to them. They got me in (since I had the appt. with x-ray at 2) and 25min later I was done with that. Then I waited and waited and finally at 3 they brought me back for my x-ray. The doctor came in and looked at it, explained that there was nothing on the C.T. scan and gave me options of how I could close it, told me what they were going to do with the x-ray and then left. I thought he was going to prep (it needed to be sterile) but he didn't come back. In the meantime they've prepped me and made the area around the hole sterile so I can't move. So I'm laying on the table not able to get my phone or do anything and I eventually fall asleep. 45 min later the doc comes back into the room and finally starts the proceeder. I guess there was a small emergency with another patient (glad I didn't need to be anywhere but I still haven't eaten!). They put the contrast in, confirm there is nothing there, and ask if I want surgery or a plug. Surgery is more intense as they would have to knock me out and possibly make other incisions to stitch me up. It would probably be a longer recovery as well. For the plug they sedate me then numb the area... go in and widen the hole a little, scrap of the scar tissue that's accumulated, and put in a bio-degradable substance that will help the skin to close. There's a plug that sticks out of my stomach and when the hole is closed it falls out. Sounds better except there's a greater chance that the hole wouldn't close. They say I'm a great candidate (young and very healthy for anyone who would normally get a feeding tube) but they can't promise anything. They can't promise anything with surgery either but there's a better chance. So I've thought a lot in the past week, debating what's going to let me get pregnant sooner :], and I think I'm going with the plug. Initially I thought surgery but I've decided to go with the less invasive procedure and if it doesn't work then I guess I'll have the surgery.

Me in my beautiful hospital gown.

The x-ray with contrast.

The catheter is going into my stomach. You know... where the feeding tube hole was. :] They stuck in the hole.

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