Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I love homes!!!

I love Jarom and one of my favorite things that I love about Jarom is the fact that we could spend all day looking at model homes and we have. :] I love that he loves doing this with me and picturing our future together. And home shopping is so much better then apartment shopping. Or maybe it just seems that way to me since we've never been pressured to buy a home and it's all fun. :]

Anyway ever since we moved up here that's something we've been doing for fun. Especially since this could possibly be where we live for a long time if this is where the church wants us. Plus it's FREE! Sometimes we'll just drive around cities to see where we'd like to raise our family. :] Well yesterday we found a home that I loved! It just seems like the perfect size. Today they make homes so big. All the signs we see say "up to 7 bedrooms" but I don't want 7 bedrooms. More rooms, more cleaning! And I doubt we're going to have enough kids to fill them anyway. Plus it just makes the home more expensive and we don't have that kind of money. 

This is 4 bedroom and they're actually pretty small rooms compared to the homes they're building these days but the living areas are spacious! There's also a loft upstairs which I love and the laundry room is upstairs which is genius! Who wants to cart all of their laundry up and down the stairs. 

The only downside which isn't really a downside is it's not really in a city. Haha it's considered right outside the city of San Bernardino but it's in San Bernardino county. After you pass Rancho it's just barren land until you hit Hesparia. Well this is about 10min north of Rancho and Fontana on the east side of the 15. So even though it's considered San Bernardino the shopping and school districts would be in Rancho and the new nice area of Fontana which are only about 10 min away. I actually really like it. They're also trying to get a big park and elementary school right there in the community. Plus I think they're hoping to make it an actual city so it'd be perfect to buy now before it gets more expensive. I took some pics and some are off there website.



Foyer (off to the right is a guest bath and 4th bedroom)

 Living room


Kitchen (with huge pantry)

Kitchen, Dining, Living (LOVE the fireplace just not the brick)

Master Bedroom

Master Closet and Bathroom

Loft (the laundry room is just to the left) 

 One of the bedrooms

This was in a different house but I loved this room so much and it made me want to have twin girls sooooo badly! :] 

Anyway I know in a while I'll probably find a different house that I love more :] and I doubt we'll ever live here but I just love getting ideas of what I want. Sometimes you don't even know what you want until you see it! 

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Lindsay R said...

i'm with you! i love to look at model homes! so much fun.

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