Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tayler = not creative

Make It And Love It

So I'm not creative at all and I want to be so badly. And I love people who are!!!!! Anyway I was looking at my friends blog and she had this button "make it and love it" I went to check out the website and ended up staring at this blog for at least an hour!!!!!! This woman is sooooo creative and makes things SO easy for people like me who are not creative at all! Anyway I put her button on my blog because I know I'll be going back often!! I'm going down to S.D this Saturday and I'm going to try to steal my moms sewing machine (since she's not using it right now) and start making things for people in my ward. I always think "when I have a baby then I'll get into that stuff" but what if it's just a fad. So I'm going to start now (when I have the time) and just do some fun things. We'll see how it goes. Anyway check it out here or click the button.

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