Sunday, September 11, 2011

Baby Shower 9/10/11

Lahren had her baby shower yesterday and I really wanted to go down since I missed the first one being in the hospital. It was so cute (if I may say so myself since I did most of the decor :]) and lots of fun! Since she's having a boy and already has a boy there wasn't to much that she needed except diapers!! So it was a diaper shower. :] Here are some pics (well lots actually):

Clothes line

Not gonna lie, I was CRAZY proud of myself when this cake was done. :] I really loved how it turned out and I don't know how people who make real cakes let other people eat them?! I just wanted to save this forever and take it to every baby shower I will be invited to. :]

 Back of the "cake"

 Cake topper! Huh these shoes were so cute! :] I also wanted to keep them. Hopefully Will Jr (not really the name) will not be as big as his brother Grant and he'll get to wear them a couple times. :]

Baby Games! Andrea Rogers (no relation to Lahren and Will Rogers just good friends) did the games. :] SO cute. This was a raffle. If you brought a bag of diapers you got to put your name in the bowl. The winner won a massage. Augastina Wilkins won. YAY!

The first game was "Guess how big around Lahren is" Viki Austin won that at 48 1/2 in. Viki guessed 48. The second wasn't so much of a game but "Help Lahren and Will choose a baby name" Lahren went through all the names and chose Devon. Although that will most likely not be his name Candy Sadlier "won" that game.

The third was this game. Guess how many candies are in the bottle. There were a little over 300 (I can't remember exactly) but Linda Franc guessed 280 and won the bottle. :]

Food Table

Alright I really can't take credit for all the decor. Just the baby decor. :] All the beautiful flowers and candles were Tia (Rhondas mom). She has such a talent for making something simple look so beautiful and elegant! 

Cake Table

 "Congratulations Lahen and Baby???" No name baby.

Arriving at the party.

Wish I could remember what was being said in this conversation.
 (I know they'll love me for posting this one)

Pulling the name out for the diaper raffle.

Something interesting was happening here. :] Actually it's an electric recliner and Grant loves to play with it so he started putting it back.

The "How Big is Lahren" game. Lahren desperately wishing she'll magically be 30 in. :]


Grant knocked out!! Too much fun and too much sugar.

And last but definitely not least... the BEAUTIFUL mom to be. Love you sis!!! SO happy for you.


SydneyHughes92 said...

Tayler the decorations are so cute! I'm so excited for Lahren :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

LOVE this! Love the diaper cake and them measuring the belly :) haha

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