Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mountain Drive

A while ago (Sept 5th) I wasn't feeling very well so Jarom put me in the car and drove me up to the mountains and we took the back way up to Big Bear. There were suppose to be lightening storms and so we decided to chase them but that's exactly what happened all day... we just chased them. By the time we got to big bear everything was wet and cloudy but the storm had passed.

 I was so taken with the town that I didn't take any pictures. :] But now I totally want to spend Thanksgiving or a week before Christmas up there. In a cabin, walking around town, snow, movies, puzzles, games, playing, a fire crackling, friends/family... you get the picture! Anyway took some pics of the drive. We didn't get out except at the lake and none of the pics are very good but...  oh well. I'm a work in progress in everything but especially when it comes to taking pictures.

My car is soooo dirty! :]

On the lake. The people who own those houses are pretty lucky.

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