Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas has begun...

at least in the Price household! :] We aren't going to do inside decorations until after Thanksgiving but I was driving around the other day and saw some people had put up Christmas lights. It made me so happy. I guess because lights put me in a holiday mood so it makes me feel excited for Christmas and Thanksgiving!

Like I said the inside of our home still has Thanksgiving (and some Halloween) decorations. :] But our patio is looking very Christmas-y! Since we're in an apartment and can't nail anything we had to get some extra stuff. I'm not going to say we had to get creative because Lowes did all the crafty thinking for us! We just went in a bought it. :]

First off I LOVE this! My dad did it when we were growing up and I think most people know about it but they have plug converters that go into your porch light. Take out the bulb, screw in the converter, and plug in your Christmas lights! Then you can control them from your switch!

Then instead of us having bars on our balcony (like most people) we have a concrete wall with glass to help block the noise from the street. These are banister hooks (for garlands) but they work very well for us!

Since we can't use those for the bottom we bought this suction cups that hold the cords.

 Then these clips are probably the thing most people can use. They clip onto the wood partition under your gutter and hold your lights up! Jarom loved these and I'm pretty sure even when we move into a house that we can nail into we'll still use them!

Finished Product = Beautiful! Thanks babe for helping me with this! :]

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