Thursday, November 10, 2011

Best husband award goes to...

Jarom Price!!!!

When Jarom and I were first married and would get into arguments I would want to tell my mom, Lahren, friends, basically everyone what happened. Jarom finally came to me and told me it really bothered him when I did that. I didn't need to share everything that happened, I needed to come talk to him so we could fix it. I'm so glad he told me this. It was hard to not share things at first but now it's hard to share things. I feel that this is totally appropriate and I love that our relationship has become more private in this area. It has made us so much closer and better able to communicate.

I know you're wondering where in the world I'm going but I'm getting there :]...

So along with not always sharing when I'm frustrated with him I've also toned back on sharing when I'm utterly in love with him. I mean people can tell I am because it's super hard to not show when you're completely in love with someone :] but I'm less likely to post it on facebook or write a blog about it and I think this is good also because instead of me telling the world when I'm in love with Jarom, I tell Jarom. I believe this has also brought us closer together.

So with that said I am going to step a little out of my comfort zone for now and write a blog about the sweetest thing. The main reason I'm doing this is because this blog is my journal. It's so easy to type out everything I want to say and post pictures and I want to remember this forever. I also want our children to know about these things (from my perspective) so they can learn from him and they can be more like him.

Well 2 nights ago Jarom and I got into an argument. Jarom and I never yell at each other or say hurtful/mean comments on purpose or out of spite. I feel that we're very good at communicating how we're feeling  but sometimes things are said that get taken the wrong way and this was one of those nights. It was hard and hurtful. We finally went to bed (not really having the issue resolved) and Jarom left at 5:30am the next morning to visit a seminary class and I didn't get home until 9pm because I had a doc appt. in S.D.

As I was walking up to the apartment I realized all the lights were off. I thought this was a little weird but not to much because I always call Jarom my vampire. If he gets home when the sun is up and is sitting on the couch watching T.V when the sun goes down he wont get up to turn on the lights. I've come home to him many times sitting on the couch in the dark playing with his iPad or watching T.V (Or both.) So I walk in but there's no Jarom. Then I hear music coming from the back and see a weird glow coming from our bedroom. None of our lights make this kind of glow. It looked like Christmas lights coming from our bedroom. Then I listen to the music more closely and realize it's Christmas music! Very un-Jarom like to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

I'm so confused so I start walking into the back and hear the shower going. So at this point I hear Christmas music, see a soft glow, and realize that Jarom is taking a shower. What is going on? When I walk in to this...

I know you're thinking "What is it?" So I will tell you. I took a pictures with more lights on but the presentation was so beautiful that I hated turning the lights on because the pictures cannot do it justice. 

On top of the nightstand are flowers, a card, a village piece, and his iPad that was playing music all on some of our fake snow. Below is a lamp from the kitchen so the ornaments could be lit (also sitting on fake snow.) 

I just sat there in awe!!! A few nights ago we had gone to Costco and I had seen these indoor/outdoor ornaments and wanted some to hang on our balcony! So that night he had gone to Costco and bought the ornaments and flowers. Then went and dug out our Christmas decorations, found the fake snow and  village house. Wrote me a beautiful apology note, turned on some Christmas music and set everything up to take my breath away. Plus he had gone on the Find a Friend app so even though I hadn't called and told him that I was coming home he had followed my every move to know when he should set it up and hop in the shower so I could have some alone time to soak it all in.

The note was special to me so I didn't post the whole thing but I loved this part. 
(I hope these flowers and Christmas wonderland will bring back the joy I caused to take away.)


Beautiful Ornaments! 

SO beautiful and incredible sweet!!! I love you Jarom Price. Thank you for being such a thoughtful man! I hope all of our children turn out just like you!


Janior said...

Hi I don't know how I came across your blog today, but usually I don't click on someones blog unless I know them. I somehow came across your post" Best husband award goes too...and I could only think of my husband too. I cried reading your post, although I have no idea who you or your husband are. My husband has been on a bbal trip for nearly 12 days now and I miss him o so much! Your hubby is so sweet for doing this. I was touched. My hubby comes home tonight, so thanks for the inspiring idea's im definitely gonna surprise my husband with something special tonight too!

Tay&J said...

Thanks for your comment. :] I hope that you had a special night when your hubby came home. Being married can be hard but it's the best things ever! Hope all is well with you.

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